How can I profile performance in customer's environment?

I have several customers where my WinForms app does not perform as well as at other customers. I use JetBrain's dotTrace here in the office, but that does not help me find bottlenecks on the machines of our customers. How can I profile the performance of a .NET app alredy deployed to a customer? Has any thought been giving to a creating a redistributable command-line tool that lets me produce profiling results that cannot be used until I bring the results back to the full profiling tool?



  This scenario will be supported in dotTrace 4.0: we will have a redistributable command-line tool which will act as a remote agent. You will be able to connect to any machine over network and profile remotely deployed applications.

WBR, Oleg


Hi Oleg. That sounds interesting, but I think it does not suit the scenario I described because I am not on my customer's network. We provide remote support for our app via GoToAssist, a VNC-like tool, where we might remote to my customer's machine to look at performance problems with our app in the customer's environment, meaning on their network. I want to use the command-line tool on my customer's machine to create a performance snapshot that I would bring back to my desktop/network where I have a full version of dotTrace, to analyze the snapshot. Does what you describe suit this scenario?

As always, thanks for the response!


I believe you will be able to xcopy dotTrace remote agent to the target machine along with your license and get the snapshot.


Sounds cool. Can't wait to try it out!


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