Initializing workspace

After I click GetSnapshot, dotCover-Open snapshot window pops up and says initializing workspace. What does it mean ? Thank you.



Could you please provide a bit more details on the issue:
- what dotCover version do you use?
- do you open a snapshot from VS or from dotCover's Standalone Runner?
- could you please start VS (or Standalone Runner) with logging enabled, try to reproduce the problem and attach the log files here?

In order to enable logging in VS please start it with the following command line:
- for dotCover 3.0 and greater: devenv.exe /ReSharper.LogFile
- for previous dotCover versions: devenv.exe /dotCover.LogFile

In order to enable logging in Standalone Runner please start it with the following command line: dotCover.Shell.exe /LogFile.

You'll find dotCover's log files in the folder %TEMP%/JetLogs. Please remove all files from this folder before starting VS/Standalone Runner with logging enabled.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.


And one more question - is it true that you are not able to open a snapshot when "initializing workspace" message appears? If the message appears and then the snapshot opens it's ok. "Initializing workspace" means starting a process used to store snapshot's data.


I'm not able to get snapshots when the message appears. It stays there forever with on snapshots generated at all. I have to close the window manually after a long time. Attached is the screenshot. Thank you very much.

initializing workspace.JPG

Hi Ekaterina,

Thank you so much for responsing this immediately.

-Currently, we are using Dotcover 2.7.2
-we use both IIS Expressn and UI to generate 2 kinds of Snapshots
-attched is the msg screenshot

initializing workspace.JPG


Thank you for the information!

For some reasons dotCover can't start an external process needed to open a snapshot. Or can't connect to that process after it has been started. The error may be caused by different reasons. In order to determine the cause in your particular case I need dotCover's log files. Could you please do the following steps:
- close VS if it's running;
- remove all files, if any, from folder %TEMP%\JetLogs (on your machine %TEMP% folder will most likely look like this: C:\Users\<User_Name>\AppData\Local\Temp);
- start VS with /dotCover.LogFile command line key;
- try to get a snapshot;
- send me all files from folder %TEMP%/JetLogs. You can either send them to my e-mail (, or attach them right here.

Thanks. Best regards.


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