Can't get the "-report" option to work: Unknown snapshot type

I am trying to convert .DTC file into XML from the dotTrace command-line with "-report"; yet I can't get the conversion working. Basically an inner exception is thrown "Unknown snapshot type". Looking at the problem under the VS debugger it appears that dotTrace is expecting an XML input format whereas the .DTC file is binary.

Yet the export the GUI is working.

Can someone help me on that one?

Thanks in advance,
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Joannes Vermorel sales forecasting

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I have finally manage to get the -report option working, but the documentation shipped with dotTrace is completely outdated and simply wrong.

Here is a XML params file that works

<report type="cpu" output="xml" presenter="plainview">

Hope it helps those who might be interested.

Best regards,
Joannes Vermorel


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