How to specify 'sampling' mode in command line profiling?

I need to to launch the dotTrace profiler through the command line with the following options

  • sampling profiling
  • record thread time

I can't figure out how to do that from the documentation.

Does anyone has an idea on this matter?

Thanks in advance,
Joannes Vermorel sales forecasting

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Dear Jonnes,

Unfortunatelly, there is no way to run sampling profiler from command line. So, I'll fix this mistake in next EAP build.

Best wishes,
Mikhail Pilin

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Hi Mikail,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It would be nice if it was also possible to specify "Wall time" vs "Thread time" from the command-line.

Do you have any guess for the release date of the next release of dotTrace?

Best regards,
Joannes Vermorel


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