How to disable ReSharper for a specific solution?

Resharper is a great tool, but sometime, it's not really well suited (because it's slow, because it has false positive error detections, ...). I would like to be able to disable ReSharper enterely but only for a specific VS solution. Is there a way to do that? (without disabling ReSharper for all solutions)

Thanks in advance,
Joannes Vermorel sales forecasting


Dear Joannes,

You can disable R# for all solution in Add-in Manager.

Mikhail Pilin


Mikhail, thanks for your follow-up. Yes, I know how to disable ReSharper completely. Yet, ReSharper is very useful, just want to disable it for a few solutions that just happen to behave badly with ReSharper.

Joannes Vermorel


I agree that this would be a useful feature.  


Definitely want this feature for ReSharper C++. One of the solutions I work on has >600 projects in it. Usually I open just individual projects, but a couple times a day I need to open the big beast, at which point it is a major pain and time sink to have to disable / enable ReSharper for *all* solutions. I've tried the optimisations.

Can't the "ReShader C++ Enabled" setting simply be moved from the "This Computer" group to the per solution settings group?


This feature would still be extremely helpful for ReSharper C++. Hard to believe it hasn't been added yet.


Hello Stefan,

There's no such option of disabling ReSharper for a solution, though you can disable ReSharper for C++ files and folders, please see -

There's also an option of assigning ReSharper_ToggleSuspended command to some shortcut in Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard, so you can easily disable ReSharper entirely at any moment. The same shortcut enables ReSharper.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you.



Hello Angelina,

ReSharper_ToggleSuspended indeed looks like an acceptable solution for me. It allows me to temporarily enable or disable ReSharper without the need to re-open the Visual Studio solution.

Thank you very much for your help!


The preferable situation would be to create a file on disc from which R# knows to leave the solution alone.

We have 1 big solution in which R# is messing things up performance-wise, in the other microsolutions R# is great!
I will forget enableing (and disableing) R# manually, so in our big monolith, disabling R# automatically would be a big advantage!


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