New to dotTrace, could someone help with review of snapshot.

Hi Folks,

I'm new to dotTrace and am wondering if I am reading this snapshot correctly. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to review it and see if my understanding of the snapshot is correct. I've attached a couple of small bitmaps which are screen grabs of the allocation call stacks.

With the attached pictures of the snapshots, I started the trace as a "Memory profile". I had "record allocation callstacks", "start recording immediately", "Allow recording garbage collection" and "allow recording finalized object information" all enabled.

I took 4 snapshots over the course of the lifetime of the run. I have attached pictures of the call stack for the 3rd & 4th snapshots.

My reading of this is that there is 1 function in particular which does not seem to be releasing memory, it would appear to be the ParseFromString method which is consuming the memory and not releasing it, 71.41% (in the 4th snapshot) of memory would appear to be allocated to that method.
When I look at the held memory and held objects these are always increasing so in my understanding this would appear to be a memory leak.

Is my reading correct, or is this just showing where the memory was allocated? and not what is actually holding the memory.

Kind Regards

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Dear Noel,

Sorry for delay. This view only shows where objects were allocated. There are 4 colums:
- function name
- own object/memory (how many objects were allocated only by this function)
- object/memory (how many objects were allocated by this function and its children)
- help object/memoty (how many objects will be deleted by GC if all objects in this function and its children disappear)

WBR, MIkhail Pilin

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Thanks very much for the reply Mikhail. It is what I thought. But in the case where the Heap Byes is always increasing and never reduces even after garbage collection has run (either forced or not) would I be correct in my reading that this is an indication of a possible memory leak? The methods being invoked should not be holding memory permentently and the heap bytes never reduces over the lifetime of the application.

Kind Regards


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