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I downloaded your software and gave it a try, so far so good. I managed to get a snapshot of my application and all. Now, I would need some clarification to fully understand the resulting information.

I have a memory snapshot (see attached file 2009-07-09 10-42-53.png), in which I see the finalized object, I have 14 DevExpress.Xpo.Session objects taking 6.85%, if I understand correctly this means, I have 14 Session object that are not disposed properly in the code, and that takes a hit on the memory, right? I would simply have to dispose of the Session object, and I would gain at least this memory, right?

I also attached a performance snapshot, if anyone mind to take a quick look at it and tell me what you think of all this? I have yet to fully understand this report. Edit: apparently the file is too big...

2009-07-09 10-42-53.png
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Dear JCA,

You are right. 14 objects are not disposed if Dispose() contains System.GC.SuppressFinalize().

MIkhail Pilin


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