DotCover not giving coverage for the referenced source DLL

I just started using dotCover,been almost two days but no results. I have a test project 'A' with all the TCs based on unit framework,I have added the code assembly as reference assembly in my project 'A' named assembly 'B' When I build and run the test cases with coverage,everything is executed as expected. What I'm getting is the coverage of my test project 'A' instead of the whole coverage i.e baseline code. like my TC-1 is passed,TC-2…TC-N is passed,and coverage against every TC in % with no reference to underline code.

While going through solutions provided in a couple of other posts I have tried and few others,the following options.
1)Adding PDB files of assembly 'B' in the Debug folder of the test project 'A'.
2)Enabling/Disabling the switch unchecking "match with current project structure"
3) Adding the src project in the test project.
4)Using the src project and adding the Test Project as standalone application[nunit] and executing.
In all the above cases,I did not get any valid results.
Coverage of the code of my Test Cases,no results for actual code :(

Guide me,if I am missing anything.Plz help to sort this out,this has already taken enough of my time ..:'(
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Alexander Mikhailov
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Could you please send us log files?
To obtain logs, start visual studio with "/resharper.logfile" command line switch. Logs will be saved to %TEMP%/JetLogs directory. Please cleanup this directory before starting VS


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