Coverage from UnitTests, where they are contained as their own project


I have a probable newbie question here (being an old Java/IDEA guy, C# and VS being new):

  • Processor (a DLL)
  • A Simple App (EXE wrapper for the DLL) that's really used by dev-testing only.
  • Unit Tests (which test the DLL's functionality)

The Unit Tests project appears to have been set up in accordance with this MSDN article.

I've just now put docCover onto VS (2012) with ReSharper and would like to execute the Unit Test project and see the coverage results for the Processor project; alas, we see the code coverage for the unit-test code itself (rather than the code being tested).

Is there a way to set up correlation from the UnitTest project to the project that is actually being tested?

Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello, David!

Could you please check that:
- Pdb generation is enabled for "Processor" (Project properties -> Build -> Advanced -> Debug Info. Should not be 'none')
- Your code is not filtered out by coverage filters (ReSharper -> Cover -> Edit Coverage Filters

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Ah! That was it! I wound up having to set both of the non-unittest projects to "Debug Info:  Full" on "All Configurations".

Many, many thanks!


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