dotCover and "Inconclusive: Test not run"

Hello all,

I've got ReSharper and docCover installed in a VS2013 environment. When I attempt to "Cover Unit Tests", I get "Inconclusive: Test not run".

I've turned on logging using the "Cover Configuration/Expert Options", but the log output is fairly cryptic and i cant determine what's wrong.  There /is/ a hint of an error at the end of the log:

00006A78 0 00000000 SEU::Term

00006A78 0 00000000 VEH was uninitialized

00006A78 0 00000000 ERROR: LastSE


 eax=072BF068 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000003 edx=00000000

 esi=072BF3EC edi=072BFA58 ebp=072BF0C0 esp=072BF068

 eip=75A34598 eflags=00000212

 cs=00000023 ss=0000002B ds=0000002B es=0000002B fs=00000053 gs=0000002B

 #0 name=EXCEPTION_MSVC flags=noncontinuable address=75A34598 c=3

 #0 magic=19930520

 #1 object=00000000

 #2 throwInfo=00000000

00006A78 0 00000000 Finished

I've attached the log here.  Anyone have any advice for getting this up and running?


Ekaterina Solovova
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Hello Anthony,

Could you please provide a bit more details on your case:
- what testing framework do you use (NUnit, MSTest, other)?
- in case of MSTest do you use some .testsettings/.runsettings configuration files?
- do you experience the same problem when you run/debug your tests without coverage?

Thanks in advance. Best regards.

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Hi Ekaterina - thanks for the reply.

These particular tests are using:

- xUnit.abstractions (
- xUnit.assert (
- xUnit.core (

No .testsettings or .runsettings files.

Tests run fine when just doing a "Run Unit Tests" - no errors. But when doing "Cover Unit Tests", in addition to the "inconclusive" error, I am seeing the attached Unit Test Runner error as well.


Ekaterina Solovova
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Hi Anthony,

Could you please make sure that you don't use a delay signing for the problem assembly?

If that's not the point, could you please:
- tell me what version of the Test Support for Resharper extension you use;
- take a screenshot of the error message one more time with the details section unfolded (see an arrow in the bottom left corner of the window);
- start VS with dotCover logging turned on and send me log files. In order to get dotCover log files please start VS with the following command line arguments: devenv.exe /ReSharper.LogFile. Log files will be saved in the '%Temp%\JetLogs' folder with auto-generated names, so empty this folder before you launch VS.

Best regards.

Ekaterina Solovova
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Sorry, a small correction. In order to turn on dotCover logs please start VS with the following command line keys: devenv.exe /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose /ReSharper.LogFile.


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