Where are the coverage filters stored and is it possible to move them to another solution

Each time we branch code for a new release, we create a new set of solutions to work with.  Each time we create a new solution, I have to setup the filters again for dotCover.  Is there anyway to export/copy the filters from one solution to another?

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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello, Russell!

To store coverage filters we use so called "settings layers". Global coverage filters are stored in "this computer" layer. Solution filters are stored in "team-shared solution" layer.
To manage those layers you can use Settings Layers dialog box (ReSharper -> Manage Options).
For example, you can export "FilterSettingsManager" settings to a file. And then import them in a new solution.
From the same dialog box you can find where those settings files are physically stored.

You can read more about settings layers here


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