Silverlight Memory Profiling Roadmap?

I've heard and read many times that Jetbrains offers (or will be offering) a Silverlight memory profiler.  dotTrace seems to be undergoing a significant rebranding with version 4.0 - i.e. breaking out into a Performance edition and I'm assuming a Memory edition? Reading through the homepage for dotTrace 4.0 is a bit misleading.  One would think Silverlight memory profiling is available, but as far as I can tell it's not.

Can you give me an idea of when this tooling will be available?

This is asking the same thing, but has gone unanswered:

This seems to suggest its available in SL, but it's almost a year old and seems to be talking about SL3:

We would very much to purchase this tool the moment it's brought into existence :)


Wow... no response?  Am I in the wrong forum?

This kind of silence is very unlike JetBrains :(


Sorry for delayed response.
Silverlight memory profilation will be available in dotMemory product.
dotMemory is going to reach EAP state (Early Community Preview) in  September.


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