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I am working with Dotcover from quite a few days to get coverage from IIS and found in forum that its not yet possible through Dotcover.
But i am trying out same thing with a different approach i.e., executing dotcover via command line by giving target executable as vstest, target argument is testcase DLL along with this have added scope which contains application sourcecode dll which we need to be covered and used filters which should exclude testcase assembly and contain only coverage of sourcecode but report generated has details of test dll assembly covered but doesnot have coverage details of sourcecode dll which is added in scope, it has only assemblies of sourcecode listed but coverage details are 0 for all asseblies.

Here is the command used :: [Dotcover version - ]

dotCover.exe analyse /TargetExecutable="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe" /TargetArguments="D:\testcases.dll /Tests:testcase1" /TargetWorkingDir="D:\applnsourcecodefolder" /Output="D:\DCTCReport.xml" /ReportType="DetailedXML" /scope="D:\sourcecodeassembly.dll"  /Filters="-:testcases +:sourcecodeassembly.*"

Could anyone help me to know what mistake i am doing which is actually listing assemblies in report generation but coverage is 0

Thanks in Advance :)

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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello Nayana,

you are missing a semicolon between you coverage filters. Should be like this: /Filters="-:testcases;+:sourcecodeassembly.*"
But in the given command line you do not even need to explicitly include sourcecodeassembly.
This is because all executed assemblies are included by default except those that are explicitly excluded (like testcases).

As for missing coverage in sourcecodeassembly. This may be due to many reasons. First we would like to know what actually your tests are doing?
Are they starting/comunicating with some external processes? Any hint might be useful.


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