How do I cover async methods while not performing await in unit test code.


I am using dotCover 3.2. Build 103.0.20150819.154242 packaged with TeamCity Professional 9.1.3 (build 37176)

My unit tests are written in vstest.console tooling.

I have written a test that results in a ViewModel executing code that is marked with the async keyword.

I execute it by performing a spinwait on a flag.

I know the code executes from debugging and logging.

I know async creates a state machine.

I thought dotCover was smart enough to piece together the coverage.

Is it not?

Do I have to return to coverage tool evaluation?

Do I have to re-write my test for dotCover to realize its coverage?

Thank you for your time.

-Christopher Buteau

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I figured it out...
I had excluded System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CompilerGeneratedAttribute to exclude the tool generated classes for Resource files.

But this attribute is also tagged on the async state machine classes that are generated by the compiler.


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