Browse for PDB does nothing

I just downloaded the latest dotTrace and got a snapshot on a page in my web application.  When I go to any method, I see "Cannot find PDB file for c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\...\Temporary ASP.NET Files\...\mywebapp.dll" and it gives me a "browse" link.  When I browse to the pdb file, absolutely nothing happens.  Still no source code, no message, nothing.  I'm also unclear about the Folder Substitutions functionality.  The documentation just says, "Enter a path to the source folder and a path to the target folder where source files are actually located", which doesn't mean much to me.  I'm running locally, so the app is running from right where my source is built, etc.  Am I missing something here?

Can someone please give an example of how to view the source code for a web application in dotTrace?

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What is your dotTrace build?
Do I understand right that you try to profile WebApplication from VS?

The problem is that VS makes a shadow copy of dlls to another location.
dotTrace should handle that, but seems like it causes problems in your case.
Please provide more information we will investigate.

WBR, Ivan Shakhov

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JetBrains dotTrace Performance 4.0.1 Professional Edition
Build 4.0.665.4 on 2010-11-16T 17:17:50

Yes, I'm profiling a web application from VS.  I choose the "IIS application" option, "Run Browser", I manually start tracing when I log into the page I want to profile, and I choose Wall time (CPU instruction) for the measure.  Here's a snapshot of the error...
What's frustrating is the fact that browsing to the pdb does nothing at all.  I don't even get an error message or anything.

I just looked in my event log, and I see the following error...
.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.4952 - Failed to CoCreate profiler.

The profiler seemed to run though (I just don't see any source).  It's also unusual that it says runtime version 2.0 because my site is running under 4.0.

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There is some misunderstanding.
When you lanch WebApplication from VS it starts not IIS, but development server.
Thus I could not figure out how do you get even anything in the profiler.

Please try EAP builds of dotTrace 4.5 from here:

Could you please add me to skype: van800, possibly it will be easier to solve the problem.

Ivan Shakhov


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