Where is the missing time?

Profiler Output.png
This screenshot shows a simple method (with a little bug in it but thats not important now!) but throws up some questions:

1) Where is the missing 45% of time?
2) Why is the static ctor for OpCodes included in the times for this method?
3) FindEntry is private method in Dictionary<>, it is called via TryGetValue but why is that not displayed anywhere? (Show 0% calls in On if that is relevant)
4) Likewise, Insert is a private method called from the indexer.
5) Concat(object, object) is from the "type + name" code and will call Concat(string, string) which is not in that method.


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Just found the answer for Q3 - was profiling in release mode and the TryGetValue was inlined.

Q4 when profiled in debug mode now shows set_Item which I presume is the indexer setter but it still shows Insert as well and not under set_Item.


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