dotPeek benefits?

Just downloaded dotPeek and tried which seems to work fine at the moment.

I was wondering that has 24 MB and 64 DLLs which is a lot for such a tool?
(compared with Reflector ;))


  1. What are the advandages/disadvantages compared to Reflector?
  2. Will there be support for ReSharper 5.1 or will I need to upgrade to ReSharper 6? (using a "Personal License" for "personal/private coding" and for just "playing" with the tool it will be too expensive upgrading to R# 6)
  3. How will dotPeek handle dotfuscated code?
  4. Why is it sooo big (24 MB, 64 DLLs, ...)?
  5. Will it work with assemblies merged with ILMerge?
  6. Will it remain free? (after EAP)

Thanks a lot for your time!

--Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)

Jura Gorohovsky

Hi Harald-René,
1. Advantages = powerful ReSharper-like navigation and search, support for symbol servers, code insight (Type Hierarchy, Quick Documentation, Parameter Info). Disadvantages: currently works slower, shows decompiled code in C# only, doesn't have bookmarks, doesn't have full-text search across all opened assemblies. However, since it's still very early EAP, things will change a lot by release time.
2. What exactly do you mean when you say "support for ReSharper 5.1" - or, in a more general sense, support for any version of ReSharper?
3. It will handle obfuscated code well but not before we've removed all rough edges in handling non-obfuscated code. Efforts to properly support obfuscated code will probably be made after releasing v1.
4. Well, the advantages highlighted above come at a price. Being essentially a subset of ReSharper, dotPeek requires quite a bit of space. In addition, EAP distribution contains PDBs while the official release version won't contain them.
5. Yes it will.
6. Yes it will remain free.


I like this tool.  Is it compatitor to Reflector?

I have question, currently if I click on type which is part of different assembly and there is no code I am getting message from Resharper "Browse for Reflector.exe", instead I pointed to dotPeek.exe, and it opened dotPeek.exe without opening type that I prompted like it would have been done by Reflector.

Now every time I click on any type that is not mine (MS) it opens dotPeek with empty screen.  How can I disable to opening it, since it is not integrated with Resharper yet.  I wish it would be integrated with Resharper, so if I click on open type from Resharper it would open it in dotPeek like in Reflector.



It is even much easier than that. Download ReSharper 6 EAP and enjoy decompiled code right in VS, with all the navigation and such.


Thank you for your reply. Lot of good news ;)

Support for ReSharper 5.1: I mean if it will be integrated into ReSharper (5.1) too (as Vlad Bezden mentioned). I'd like to launch dotPeek from within VS (e.g. F12 onto a symbol for which no source code is available (e.g. System.BlaBla))

Another (minor) drawback: dotPeek requires .NET 4.0 so I cannot use it on "older" developer machines (also having a XP machine for maintaining older/legacy projects).
"Workaround": Reflector 6 runs perfectly on that older developer machine.


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