Unable to send bug report (proxy authentication)


I was trying to sent a bug report but our company proxy uses authentication.
I have copied the stacktrace. What email address I can use to sent it to?



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Correction: please do NOT use youtrack-feedback@jetbrains.com as this e-mail is solely used by YouTrack team for gathering informal feedback on their product.
Please use http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/DOTP for reporting bugs encountered in dotPeek and any feature requests you may have.

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Sorry for the wrong information I provided (e-mail address)

Also got some exeception using dotPeek and tried to submitt them. Failed after 65% (more or less).

Tried it three or for times and not submission of the bug-reports succeeded (5 reports: DOTP-1418 to DOTP-1422).


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