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Harald-René Flasch,

A new message was posted in the thread "Debugging of  assemblies without source":

Author   : Notre Poubelle  (Notre)

Thanks  for the info.  I entered  DOTP-1855.



To  reply to this message visit the message page:

Clicking on the link --> Login --> Always get a page with the following:

An unexpected error has occurred

    The specified thread was not found.

Do not know what "An unexpected error has occurred" since the login was successfully. Anyone else experiencing this problem in the dotPeek community?

Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)

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Just tried to reproduce it with another behaviour:

  • Click on link in e-mail
  • community page displayed
  • login
  • keeps Welcome, Guest
  • press F5
  • voila

Strange ... (using FF4, Google OpenID, ...)


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