Bug? "Go to Type" still works after an assembly is removed from Explorer pane

  1. If I open an assembly file, then remove the assembly from the "Assembly Explorer" pane (select it, press DELETE), then I am still able to navigate to types from the removed assembly.
  2. When I have an assembly open, I am able to navigate to a type that is referenced by that assembly but, when doing so, the referenced assembly does not appear in the "Assembly Explorer" pane, making it not possible to remove the assembly.

This caused me endless frustration as I have a scenario where I have two (work in progress) builds of an assembly, with the same name and version information and, as there seems to be no way to unload the assembly, there is little way of knowing which copy of the assembly I am navigating in.

I tend to not want to launch new instances of dotPeek as, on this computer, it takes about 10 seconds to startup.

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Have you deleted everything else that could reference that assembly? dotPeek automatically loads all referenced assemblies.

Besides, dotPeek will reload and redecompile currently open files if assembly changes, so you don't need to unload it.
(it has some issues in current EAP build, but in couple of weeks there will be new one (finally!))


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