FAQ. dotTrace 4.0 + IIS. dotTrace doesn't start profiling IIS

Several users reported a problem that IIS 7.5 is not detected by dotTrace 4.0 and thus dotTrace starts and all buttons in the profiler controller stays disabled.

What should happen? After the user presses Run in Profiler configuration dotTrace stops w3wp.exe process and starts it again under profiler.

What are the known possible problems:
1. The user account which runs the application pool in iis must have a read-only permissions to dotTrace bin catalog.

If you use ApplicationPoolIdentity as the user account, then your account to add permissions will be IIS APPPOOL\YourAppPoolName.

Add the  rules to dotTrace\v4.0\Bin folder and all items and subfolders  inside:

  1. Open folder C:\Program Files  (x86)\JetBrains\dotTrace\v4.0
  2. Right click on Bin folder inside  -> Properties ->Security->Advanced->Change  Permissions->Add
  3. In the Select user or group dialog  manually enter IIS APPPOOL\YourAppPoolName
  4. Press CheckNames and  Ok.
  5. Add Read permission, read attributes  and read extended attributes to this folder, subfolders and  files.

2. Other profilers (YourKit) may affect IIS/Windows service/Net process  profiling scenarios by maintaining the registry key  values"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\COR_ENABLE_PROFILING"
2.1. Remove YourKit
2.2. Run regedit. Search for registry keys COR_* and remove them manually.
In 4.0.1 we have introduced several fixes regarding other profilers. Try upgrading to the most recent build.
3. Try to temporary disable firewall and antivirus, it may somehow help.

If nothing helps:
Try to (temporary) run the application pool from some Local Admin account.

What else could be done to diagnose:

1. Enable the Core  logs, reproduce the problem and send us the logs.

Steps to enable  logs:

  1. Delete everything from %temp%  folder
  2. Open Profiler configuration windows  (Profile->IIS)
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11 -> You  will get “Expert options button”. Press it.
  4. Check the checkbox “Enable Logs”  (only this checkbox). Press OK.
  5. Start profiling.
  6. After profilation check the contents of the %temp%\JetLogs. If there are some files containing 'Core' in their names, then it means that profilation started and core was loaded but died of exception. If there were no 'Core' files, then it mean the profilation didn't start.
  7. If there are no log with 'Core' in the file name, then check if there were some lgc*.* files in the %temp% folder.

Don't forget:
To contact support at jetbrains.com


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