Provide XML documentation when available

Have seen that Reflector 6 is displaying the XML documentation when available:
Keep up the good work with dotPeek and keep it free :)

Jura Gorohovsky

Have you tried Edit > Show Quick Documentation as shown in this screenshot? This is one of ReSharper commands available in dotPeek.


OK, tried it (Ctrl+Shift+F1) and it works. But has some disadavantages in my view:

  • always need to use Ctrl+Shift+F1
  • it is possible to "pin" the "quick documentation tooltip" but when selecting another identifier etc. the content remains the same and does not display the documentation for the current identifier etc. - you need to do alway using Ctrl+Shift+F1
  • no dockable window (compared to Visual Studio dockable windows vs. floating windows)

Using Reflector 6 you need no additonal clicks or keystrokes. It displays the XML documentation immedately. Maybe it is possible to add the XML documentation as a dockable window?


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