Problems with dotPeek on multi monitor

Hi all
I really love the dotPeek.  Its much bether than absolutly all other tools out there, mostly because the disassembled code is very readable compared to both IlSPy and Reflector.   Anyway, I have a problem.  My config is 4 monitors and I nead to run dotPeek on my fourth monitor.  Mostly this works just fine, but when hoovering the mouse around inside the namespace list (the left one) mostly results in the "JetBrains dotPeek has stopped working"... followed by "Do you want to send information....."

Is there any known problem related to multi monitor configs?  Is there anything I can do to resolve this ?

Thanx in advanced..


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Is this a constant reproducible issue? It would've been great if we could recieve a crash dump for this one!


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