does the trail version of dotTrace support remote profiling?

a couple of days ago i downloaded the free trial of dotTrace, so i have dotTrace Performance 5.3.1 Professional.

Works fine on my desktop, but i cannot get it to profile my web app running on my Staging server. I copied the necessary fiiles to my Staging server, started the agent on my Staging server and fired up standalone dotTrace on my local machine. Clicked "attach to process" and specified my URL of my Staging server with port 9000 specificed. dotTrace connects, but does not show any processes on the Staging server.

my Staging server is running WS 2003 R2, running IIS V6.0, web sites are running ASP.NEt 4.0

Either i am doing something wrong or the free trial does not support Remote Profiling. Does it?

I have attached a word doc with a screen shot showing a successful connection to my staging server, but no processes listed.

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Hello Ira,
Trial version provides the full functionality, so trial is not the issue. Please check the rights: dotTrace can attach to processes of same ot lower level, so launch both agent and standalon dotTrace "as administrator".
Please let me know if it doesn't help.


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