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I was wondering what your roadmap is regarding the dotTrace Memory profiler? Are you currently working to upgrade this product and if so what new features are on the horizont and roughly when do you expect to have it available?

Many Thanks for your assistance,



Hello Mike,
Sorry for delayed response.Yes, we're currently working on new version of dotTrace Memory. It's main difference with dotTrace 3.5 is ability to work with large and complicated snapshots.
Here's a short feature set:

  1. Profiling (locally and on a remote computer ) an application written for .net 2.0, 3.5,  4.0, 4.5, Silverlight > 4.0.
  2. Comparison of snapshots taken in one profiling session or  during different profiling sessions of the same application.
  3. Many kinds of snpashot data analysis:
    • References of an object, paths to roots.
    • Grouping objects by type, by implemented interfaces, by namespaces, by assembly.
    • Determining objects dominating a set of objects.
    • Analysis of code call stacks.
    • And many others.

As for estimates, we're going to open EAP of dotTrace Memory in the first quarter of 2012.


Has there been any update on when we can get our hands on .Dot Trace Memory 4.0?  Your roadmap says Silverlight > 4.0 ... is that a typo?  Will it only support silverlight 5?  We are in desperate need of Silverlight memory tracing, to the point of having to buy a copy from your competitor... we'd prefer to stay with one vendor, but if .Dot Trace memory is still a long ways out, we may have to turn around our decision and purchase a site license for the other product.

-Blayne Watt
Lead Engineer, GE


Hi Blayne,
EAP estimation is the first quarter of 2012, so you'll get the first EAP build in about a month. I can notify you by e-mail if you wish.
It will support Silverlight 4 and older, so 4 is included :)


Please, notify me about EAP as well.


Is there any (new) news about when we might get our hands on a newer version of "dotTrace Memory"? We've been evaluating profiling tools and are very happy with dotTrace Performance and would like to buy a few licenses.

We tried the current version of dotTrace Memory and were not as happy with it (preferring instead to stick to the YourKit licenses we already have). It would be great to move away from YourKit entirely (buying a combination license for the dotTrace tools), but we'd like to know when we could get a version of "dotTrace Memory" that we could feel comfortable nominating to our main memory-profiling tool.

We're not going to buy the current version because we can't really use it for any of the tasks we need, so if a newer version isn't in the near future, we'll probably just buy "dotTrace Performance" by itself.

Thanks for any information you can provide to help us with our decision.


Hello Marco, unfortunately we don't have any clear estimates about release of next dotMemory.


Thanks for the update. We'll probably just get the performance one for now, then. Thanks!


Hi Jonas,
We're having a kind of "quiet EAP" of new version right now - it means that you can try an "alpha" build of dotTrace Memory 4.0. If you're interested in it, please contact me (


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