Copy & paste from dotPeek to Visual Studio 2012 doesnt work?


How come a straightforward copy & paste (example) from dotPeek (v1.2) to VS 2012 goes from this:

        this.<>f__this.gameObject.GetComponent<UIButton>().enabled = true;
        this.<>f__this.IsUpdate = false;
        this.$PC = -1;
        goto default;

to this?

        this.\u003C\u003Ef__this.gameObject.GetComponent<UIButton>().enabled = true;
        this.\u003C\u003Ef__this.IsUpdate = false;
        this.\u0024PC = -1;
        goto default;

Even a direct copy & paste from within dotPeek to, for example, notepad or notepad++ creates the same code.
Why does it change the characters <,  > and $ to its unicode value? Does this have something to do with language
settings within Windows (im using 7) or is this a bug/setting in VS? This is the first time i have come accross it...
VS cannot do anything with them unicode values...

(Love dotPeek tho :))


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