Profile unit test from VS editor using R# test runner not working

I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what.
This page:
says that I can right click on my unit test in the gutter, select "Profile with dotTrace" and get a snapshot.  I see "Profile with dotTrace" and when I click on it, dotTrace shows me profiling options.  When I say "Run", I see that the unit test runs and dotTrace even opens (with elevated permissions), but there is no data to look at.  According to the aforementioned link, what is supposed to happen is, "[a]fter test execution is completed, a snapshot is be [sic] displayed."  I've uploaded some screenshots of what I see.  Note that I've cleared out all my previous test runs and snapshots so that I have a clean slate to work on.  Note also that I have both R# and dotCover installed, but dotCover is currently suspended.  I've also attached screenshots of my R# unit test settings and a shot showing that dotTrace is suspended.

So what am I supposed to do after I say "profile with dotTrace"?

I am using:
Windows 7 x64
Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate (12.0.30110.0)
dotTrace performance

profiling done.PNG
tracing options.PNG
dotcover suspended.PNG
R# settings.PNG
profile with dottrace.PNG
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Hi David,

Please check this issue
Do you have the same?

As a workaroud you can either run VS elevated or clear elevated compatibility requirement of dotTrace.exe.

WBR, Ivan Shakhov

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That was it, thanks.
Perhaps the help page should be updated to reflect this requirement.


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