Quotation marks are stripped from arguments.

I am submitting the following arguments to the startup process:

/F:"ftp://user:password@ftp2.resftp.com/V2/Uat1/Efx2Trunk" /S:dev.diablo.corelogic.com /D:Diablo_EfxAfter

When I am doing it by clicking just debug in visual studio the Environment.CommandLine returns:

"C:\Users\dkrasnikov\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\Trunk\V2\V2FileSystemCL\bin\Debug\V2FtpCL.exe" /F:"ftp://user:password@ftp2.resftp.com/V2/Uat1/Efx2Trunk" /S:dev.diablo.corelogic.com /D:Diablo_EfxAfter

But if I run DotTrace profile startup project following returned (notice missing quotation marks)

"C:\Users\dkrasnikov\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\Trunk\V2\V2FileSystemCL\bin\Debug\V2FtpCL.exe" /F:ftp://user:password@ftp2.resftp.com/V2/Uat1/Efx2Trunk /S:dev.diablo.corelogic.com /D:Diablo_EfxAfter

How can this be avoided, since it breaks the program.

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Is this forum alive? Any comments from developers on that?

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Hello Dmitriy,
I'm terribly sorry for such delay with the answer. dotTrace cuts out the quotation marks by design; could you please tell me more about the crash of your program? Our developers can't imagine what the problem could look like.


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