Installing dotTrace broke my database projects

After installing dotTrace, database projects will no longer load in any of my Visual Studio solutions.

Inside the project file, BuildScriptName entries now are underlined in blue and are reported as an "invalid child of PropertyGroup".

Screenshots attached.

Any idea what could cause this?

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Hello Eric,
I'm sorry for inconvinience; I'll investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as I have any idea.

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I just tried installing the latest update, and it broke the Productivity Power Tools extension (Solution Navigator was no longer available, among other things).

During installation, it pops up something about certain DLLs or something being no longer used, says they'll interfere with the operation of dotTrace, and asks if you'd like to remove them.  I wish I'd taken a screenshot, because I can't remember the exact verbage.  I approved the removal because I've been using Resharper for years and trust JetBrains.  Both times, it broke something with Visual Studio.

This time I was able to simply reinstall Power Tools. I still don't know how to repair my broken database projects.

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We've found out that we had a problem in build configuration, and it is fixed in a new build:

Please repair your Visual Studio installation (Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> select VS and run repair). I'm terribly sorry for the inconvinience that dotTrace caused.


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