Decompiled assemblies cache

How can I clean the dotPeek assemblies cache?
When viewing the source of an assembly I already viewd in the past, I don't see any code changes.
If I'm viewing the same assembly from a different computer (which haven't open it before) I see the updated code.



This issue was related to earlier dotPeek versions 1.0 and 1.1. Newer dotPeek versions do operate with a newer caches subsystem, so they should work fine in such cases.


I have latest version and it is still an issue, wasted quite a few hours of mine. 

I was testing obfuscation, one folder was not using cache and showing me proper results but other folder was cached and was showing old dlls 

this should be fixed


I am having the same issue and it's 2019, latest version. What a lame product. And I say that not only because it's doing this (showing the same data even though my new binary is different) but also because no one from this company responded to Muhammad's reply about it STILL BEING AN ISSUE. How do I delete the damn cache so I can stop wasting time and actually see the right decompiled code!?

"it doesn't do it on newer ones"

 What a terrible answer. How about, "It doesn't do it on newer versions, however, if for some reason you think it is and want to get rid of the cache, do this.... " 

I'm totally stuck right now. 


2020, 6 years and still no answer to the question? "How can I clean the dotPeek assemblies cache?"

So to answer the question is
go to : C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Shared\vAny\DecompilerCache 
Ctrl-A => delete

But that just blows the app up and makes everything error out with 
You need to find {some cs file} to view the source for the current call stack frame.

So perhaps changing the question to:
"How should I clean the dotPeek assemblies cache?"


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