dotTrace 5.5.5 - Attempting to trace a .net 3.5 app on a Freescale iMX35 (ARM11)

Taken from an older message because I have the same issue:

The progress bar window message on the latest release.

Deploying profiling cores (Instruction set ARMV4I_FP).

MessageBox on desktop PC running dotTrace:

Can't start application. See below for more details:
The operation has been canceled.

MessageBox on the device:

The application failed to load required components. If the .NET Compact Framework is installed on a storage card, please ensure that this card is in place and launch the application again. If this fails, a re-installation of the .NET Compact Framework is recommended. Support info: -2147483620 (8000001C)


I am using a Freescale iMX35 which is an ARM11 board.

Is dotTrace still only ARM4 compatible?

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Hello John,

dotTrace supports the ARMv4 architecture only. All other architectures are currently not supported.

Kind regards,


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