DotPeek PDB generation for assemblies without debug directory

I'm attempting to use JetBrains dotPeek 1.5 symbol server and the Generate Pdb command however I've encountered some 3rd party assemblies that fail. Project/Pdb generation log shows:

Pdb has not been generated because assembly does not contain debug directory

Is there anyway to overcome this if I can't recompile those assemblies?

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Same question for me.

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If an assembly doesn't contain a debug diretory inside it (i.e. it was compiled withouth the /debug option), a debugger will not be able to debug this assembly even if a PDB file for this assembly would be present. This is a limitation of the debugger, not dotPeek. 

dotPeek refuses to generate PDB for such assemblies because these is no use of having PDB in these cases.


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