99% in native or optimized code. help needed


I have a problem with dotTrace...

JetBrains dotTrace Performance 4.5.1 Professional Edition
Build 4.5.922.8 on 2011-08-03T20:55:00

If I run it in samling mode I got 99% in native or optimized code in snapshot (which is not true obviously).. which makes it absolutely useless... I mean while it's possible to have native method call (or callback) in stacktrace it doesn't mean that I'm not interested to know which methods are calling  'native or optimized code'...

I'm running win7x64 .net4

Needless to say that in tracing mode I don't see these native mode but it's so much slower compared to sampling mode (which is also terribly slow) that it's not possible to profile real life scenario...

Any ideas of how to deal with 'native or optimized code' ???


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