Can't get handle form [sic] thread id

What does this mean?

I'm trying to profile a running service locally. Running dotTrace as Administrator, and this error shows up in the profiling window when trying to attach:
Can't get handle form thread id (COM error 80070057 - The parameter is incorrect.)

This is from dotTrace 6.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2

Alternatively, it sometimes gives me the alternate error message "Can't measure specific thread", which makes no more sense to me.

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Hello Øyvind,

I've created a bug report in our issue tracker: In order to start the investigation, we need a bit more information. Could you please send us log files? Please have a look at this article: After you select the 'Enable logs' check box, select 'MetaDataGt', 'PerformanceSamplingGt', 'ThreadCb' and 'ThreadGt' check boxes in the 'Log flags' area as well. What profiling method do you use ('Sampling' or 'Timeline')?

Please attach logs to the 'PROF-402' request, so that our developers can also monitor the situation.

Kind regards,


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