Comparison View - Filtering objects

"To narrow the list, start typing the desired type name in the Filter field. dotMemory will exclude all sets that doesn't match the pattern from the list.     "

What is "the pattern"? Can I use special symbols, wildcards or something else?
In "Plain List" view I try to type a part of the name  ("System.Windows" or "System.String" for example) - search results are  empty. How is "dot" treated?

I need something like "MyCompany%Presenter" or "MyCompany*Presenter" to filter "MyCompany.Documents.ViewModel.VersionPresenter" - is it possible (in Plain List)?

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Well, actually "pattern" is used to search in each name part (namespace, class name, nested class name). Dots are not matched(

By "pattern" we mean patterns that are valid for R# "GoTo Symbol" so you can use:

- Camel humps, f.ex.: "CM" will match System.ComponentModel.<AnyClass>
- *, f.ex: Solid*Br will match "SolidBrush" and "SolidColorBrush" - actually in most cases you can omit "*" and just type "SolidBr" because it will be treated as "camel humps matching" and thus will find the same classes.

So to find MyCompany*Presenter you may start with just "MCP" typed in the search box.

If you want to quickly access all types from namespace, e.g. "System.Windows", you can switch to "Group by Namespace" (see "Grouping Object Sets" on - it will build a namespace tree for you.


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