dotMemory Attach to Process while debugging in Visual Studio 2015

I cannot attach to a process that I am debugging in Visual Studio 2015. I am pretty sure I was able to in previous versions of Visual Studio.  I want to say I've been able to do it in 2015.  But something seems to have changed.  I disabled diagnostic tools in VS a while back and it is still disabled.  However, I am now getting an error in dotMemory saying it cannot attach because there is already something attached.

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Am I off my rocker?


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Dear David,

The attach procedure requires some actions on application side and have timeout for whole operation (about 30 sec). It also requires that the application has to be running during the attach procedure. The timeout can also be reached because the debugger wants to download some symbols from remote host - it really takes the time.

MIkhail Pilin


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