Dyanmically loaded code not being counted

I'm evaluating dotCover 10.  I have a Silverlight 5 application that uses Microsoft Pattern and Practice's PRISM framework to pull in modules at runtime (all hosted in the same .NET AppDomain).

When I run memory profiling, my main application's classes are included in the snapshots' full class lists.  However, none of my PRISM modules classes show up... ever.  The runtime-loaded modules are certainly executing within the application, so I know they're there.  I've looked in the list grouped by namespace, by assembly and just plain list.

dotMemory won't be of any use to me if I'm unable to diagnose memory leaks occuring within these modules.


Hi Brian
Thanks for your feedback

Could you please send us core log files, to get it perform following steps

  1. Close standalone dotMemory and Visual Studio with integrated dotMemory.
  2. Go to your Temp folder (you can find its location by executing 'cd %Temp%' in command line).
  3. Find 'JetLogs' folder and delete it.
  4. Launch dotMemory, prepare for profiling; and when configuration (right) panel is in the focus, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F11.
  5. Check 'Enable logs' checkbox (only this checkbox).
  6. Check "MetaDataGt", "ClassGt" and "ClassRecoveryGt" checkboxes
  7. Click OK and run profiling.
  8. Perform actions that lead to issue.
  9. Close dotMemory.
  10. Logs are now located in 'JetLogs' folder.



Yes, I can try that tomorrow.  How should I submit the logs?  Will they contain any of my company's information / references to code?  If so, I need to submit them privately.


Thank you for your help

If you have an accout in our bug tracker system, you can create an issue attach zipped logs to it  and set "visible to:" field to "jetbrains-team"
Also you can use dotMemory feedback center to create an issue in our technical support service


Ed, I'd love to, but it will have to wait.  I had to uninstall R#10, and along with it, dotMemory10, and go back to R#9.2 because I couldn't debug unit tests.


Does dotMemory 4.4 have the problem described by you?
If yes, you can send us logs from dotMemory 4
If no, please tell us.


Ed, I don't know.  I was only evaluating dotMemory 10 as part of the R#10 Ultimate bundle, as a possible replacement for ANTS Memory Profiler.  I don't have al icenses for dotMemory 4.x  I could download it and do a 30 day trial.  When I get back to debugging the issue I was investigating (I've been pulled onto a higher priority task), I will try that.


Ok. Return when you have a time

Thank you


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