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I have used dotCover on an NUnit test suite and would like to do some analysis based on the information in the resulting .dcvr coverage snapshot.

The analysis I would like to make seems to be non-standard. At least I have found no tools which can do the analysis for me.

Is the format of the .dcvr coverage snapshot public so that I can write my own software for extracting the desired information from the snapshot?

Exporting the snapshot to XML is not an option since the XML does not contain the information I need.

For completeness, I have explained what I want to do below.


DETAILS: I have a test suite which takes hours to execute. Now I want to divide it into Part A which has to be run before pushing a change and Part B which merely runs at night on build servers. As a first iteration, I intend to proceed thus:

(1) List all tests in the test suite together with information about how long time the test takes to run. This is easy using NUnit.

(2) Sort the list in ascending run time.

(3) Run through the list. For each test, if the test does not add to the coverage of the application, place it in Part B (only run at night). Otherwise, place it in Part A (run before push).

The information needed for the procedure above must be present in coverage snapshots which support the "show covering tests" feature.

Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello Klaus,

Unfortunately dotCover snapshot file format is not public. And we are not going to make it public any time soon.

Also please note: if you are getting snapshots from console runner they won't contain per-test information.


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