DotCover doesn't show coverage for unit tests


I have a couple unit tests to test for Architure.Utility.TreeHelpers.FindChild, FindChildren.   I have attached the screen shots with it.

When I run DotCover coverage in the unit test file level. It does show up the coverage correctly (83%, 94%).

But when I run DotCover Coverage at the project level or whole solution level. It shows  0 coverage for this.  

There is no special settings for it. I use everything as default. 

Anyone has any clue what's the issue? is this bug of DotCover?



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Alexander Mikhailov
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Hello Hua Yan!

Could you please ensure that your function "FindChildren" is actually called when you are launching all tests in solution?

For example, you could add some debug output to it and check if is present in the output tab.

Also please check this scenario for both 'cover all tests' and 'run all tests'.


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