Reporter.exe tool capabilities ?

Is it possible to extract call hierarchy information from snapshot by means of Reporter.exe tool ?
The generated report.xml file contains only fully qualified names of called methods. But I need to get call hierarchy information for these methods. Obviously, such information exists in snapshot file.
How to get this information from snapshot file ?


Hi Oleg,

For now Reporter.exe tool is not capable to extract call hierarchy (back traces) from a snapshot. But such information can often be useless because there can be many back traces for one method and you can't automatically analyze them (at least we think so).

If you can get us some information about the goal you are trying to achieve we will try to offer you the best solution for your specific case. If it will be more convenient for you, you can create a ticket in our support system ("Submit a request" button in the upper right corner).


Hi everyone, I have the same problem as Oleg. 

I need save some call Stack methods in report for better view. 

Are there any variants how we can do it? 


Hi Ilya,

Yes, this functionality was implemented in Reporter.exe tool some time ago. There is "PrintCallstacks" attribute in a pattern file, please see this page: .


Thank you for your answer. It's work.

Now I see full callStack my application but I can't find call of methods "HttpApplicationState.Lock" :

and "Unlock":

in the callStack.

I used profiling type "Sampling".

 Could you provide me information about, сan dotTrace track the methods in callStack?




If you can find the methods in snapshot opened in Performace Viewer but don't see them in a report from Reporter.exe tool then it could be some misconfiguration in pattern file.
Otherwise you can try to change profiling type to Tracing as in some cases short methods can be missed when using Sampling profiling type.


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