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Hello, I am new to JetBrains profiling tools and not sure what tool can be usefull to help with my problem.

We have number of web applications hosted in IIS. Every application has its own application pool. Every pool is recycled during the night. Recently all code has been moved from .Net framework 2.0 to .Net framework 4.5.2. After promote we have noticed great increase in the memory consumption. We are trying to identify areas of the code causing it. What tool can be used for this purpose? Is there a way to pin point to a particular executable hosted in IIS while profiling with .dotMemory tool?




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Hello Olga,

dotMemory is applicable to investigate memory issues in your application. It allows you to run your application under profiling as well as attach profiler to already launched process (w3wp.exe in case of IIS).

You can read more about how you can use dotMemory to locate and fix memory leaks in our documentation. We have a lot of tutorials and video guides which you can find on our web page:

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions with which you'll encounter during dotMemory evaluation.

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Hello Anna,

Thank you for your comment. I read an article you suggested and have a follow up question. Is it possible to profile w3wp.exe process by application pool? Our apps are quite complex, but each of them runs in a separate app pool. Being able to profile each app pool separately will be a great help. Please let me know.

Thanks, Olga


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Each application pool starts separate w3wp.exe process. You can run profiling IIS application (Select 'Local | Profile Application | IIS' on dotMemory Home page). dotMemory will show you the message "The profiler is running. Waiting for connection from the profiling process". All new w3wp.exe processes will be picked up after starting if they execute managed code.

Pay your attention that you should get memory snapshots for each process separately.


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