Where are the unit test features?

Where are the unit test features described in intro blog post? I do not see any UI features on resharper panes, anything related to unit test coverage. The only thing available is coverage of startup project. I tried 1.0.31 and 1.0.32 builds. I have 5.1 EAP of resharper.


Doh... Not sure what fixed it, reinstalling dotCover w/o going into "Advanced" or downgrading resharper to 5.0, but now I have unit test coverage.


Yes, it appears now that was the resharper version.  IMO, you should mention the fact that dotTrace doesn't integrate with resharper EAP on download page.  Just a thought...


Hi Alex!
There was a little gap between the moment when ReSharper 5.1 EAP was published and the moment when corresponding dotCover plugin was implemented.
Please check nightly builds page for a newer version. Both dotCover and dotTrace now work fine with ReSharper 5.1 EAP.


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