Trial expired, nothing to do

The notification dialog gave me a little scare when it said "Resharper".

There are still quirks with the product, but it is a good concept.

I don't think they really thought this 30-day thing on the beta through, though.

The notification dialog says "Resharper". The "purchase" does not work as it is not released. What is the point of leaving beta testers dead in the water with an expired trial period?

I got 1 day left of the trial. If any on the staff would like to see the coverage issues I've written about on this forum, my Skype (for screen sharing) is tormodjs. Workday ends in 7 hours.

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Hi Tormod!
Thank you for the feedback!
Typo in the notification dialog is fixed.
If the trial period is expired you just need to download newer nightly build.


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