Possible to filter by wildcards in Namespace?

I have some code in certain namespaces that's included in every project, however I don't need it's coverage analysed - would it be possible to filter it out of the results by some namespace exclusions?


Hello Dean,
It would be possible to filter by assembly name, fully qualified class name and function name.
I'll inform you when this feature will be available in nightly builds.


Hmmm - my problem is my single assemblies have these types of naming:



Some of them have in excess of 150 pairs like that, and I want to exclude all the "Generated" ones. They're in the same assembly so that's no use, and filtering by fully qualified class name means I have to manually filter 150+ classes... I might pass on that too.


The filters will support wildcards.
So you'll be able to filter out "Company.Project.DataAccess.Generated.*" classes from the statistics.


Hello Dean,
The feature has been implemented.
You can try dotCover beta or later nightly build.


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