Feature Request: Exclude referenced assemblies from coverage

In my solution, I am referencing a couple of 3-party assemblies.
dotCover calculates coverage statistics for those assemblies which reduces overall coverage.

In the image below, Xunit.Specifications is a 3-party assembly and should not be covered.

Please consider implementing an option to exclude such assemblies from coverage.


I hadn't updated in a few builds, but b1.0.57.5 (7/7/2010) has a new 'Coverage Filters' feature.Screenshot - 7_7_2010 , 12_48_10 PM.png
Seems to work well for the one-off's, but I agree, it'd be nice to be able to simply ignore any non-Solution references.


Yes, coverage filters can help to exclude 3-party assemblies.
Soon there will be an option to match coverage results with the current solution and exclude irrelevant assemblies.


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