Why clean all colors after I run a testCase ?

I use the dotCover in order to write more testcases to conver all our code.

So. I spend much time (45min) to run cover all tests to see where need I write the testcase.

It's good to see the result after I ran the dotCover , because it marked all not covered code with red color , it's very easy to write more testcase to cover these code.

But, after I write one testCase and run this testCase , dotCover clean all colors for other testcase , I just want it continues mark the color for this testcase.

So, I need rerun all the testcases ,  I need spend much more time to see the new cover result.... It's not a good idea.


Can you resolve this problem ? It will cost users much time to rerun the testcase...you knnow.


This issue is not that simple. As the code and coverage for other tests might have changed, we should distinguish between reliably and unreliably covered areas. We will figure this scenario in one of the upcoming releases.


Thanks...Waiting for the next release version.


And another question:

Before you release the new version , how can I open the file CoverageSnapshot.dcvr to see the previous result ?


dotCover > Open Snapshot


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