Submit coverage filters to SVN

I'm using dotCover and I have to say I like it so far.  One thing I would like to do is submit my coverage filters to svn, so when other developers on my team run their coverage, they will have the same exclude filters as I do on my local machine.  Since the filters are specific to my solution (I'm using Visual Studio 2008 btw) I'm guessing that there is a file somewhere used by dotCover to load the coverage filters whenever I open the solution.

So my question is, where is this file?


Hello Dave,
Currently we have only global filter settings.
They are stored in %AppData%/JetBrains/dotCover/v1.0/vs9.0/UserSettings.xml

Per-solution filters are already in our backlog.
This is exactly what you'd like to have.
In this case settings will be stored near your solution (smth. like SolutionName.dotCover file) and they could be easily submitted to SVN.
Here is an issue for this in our tracker:
You can watch it's status.


Thank you for the helpful response. I do have a follow up question/suggestion. When you implement solution specific coverage filters, could you move the UserSettings (or maybe a new SolutionSettings) file into the Solution file hierarchy like resharper does so that I will be able to easily commit a file to SVN without having to worry about copying the file to each machine's local AppData file?


Sure, settings policy would be similar to the ReSharper's one.


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