2 questions

Hello everybody,

I have 2 questions:

1. I have a weird problem in the "highlight code" feature, that it works good in one project.. and in the other it highlights only the test class and not the other classes. Does anyone have an Idea to solve this? (both tests are NUnit).

2. What is the difference between free version and the full version except 30-day trial?

Thanks in advance.

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  What do you mean by the free version?

WBR, Oleg

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I mean the downloading version in which there is 30-day trial.

And what about the first question?

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First of all: what is the exact dotCover version you are using?
"Doesn't highlight other classes" - do you mean no highlighting at all or the classes are highlighted with red?
What are your coverage filters? Please make sure that source code you're interested in is not filtered out.
Do you compile the project with PDBs? Symbol info is required for the highlighting.

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I'm using version.

"Doesn't highlight other classes" - I mean that it highlights only the test class (green and red) and not the relevant classes (with no color).

- There are no coverage filters.

- I don't compile the project with PDBs.

I hope you can help me and thanks anyway .

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Without PDBs we can't get info required for highlighting.
It looks like some of your projects are being built in debug mode while another part in release mode.
Please review build settings in your solution.

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So you mean that I have to change the settings to debug mode?

I don't see visual studio in this PC and I'll try it tomorrow, so if it's not from the solution's settings I'll be glad for a short guide.

Thank you

and have a nice day.


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