Can you send parameters to the command-line "analyse" function?

I'd like to make further use of dotCover's command line coverage reporting, but to use it in all of our environments I need to have the ability to pass in a parameter, specifically for the Executable parameter.  Is it possible to do this without a static file?

For example, something like:

dotCover analyse -executable x:\tools\nunit-console.exe -arguments MyDll.dll -workingDir c:\ -output output.xml

I suppose the filters would pose a problem here but until there's a custom NAnt tag it would be great to have an interim solution.



Hello Brandon,
Currently our console runner is configured only by the xml-file.
(which you can generate on-the-fly with the build scripts)
One of the reasons for this is that passing complex filters through command line would be very inconvenient.
In future we are going to implement custom tasks for MSBuild and NAnt which will allow to use coverage without extra xml-files.
Here is an issue for this in our tracker:
You can watch it's status.


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