Is there a bug with coverage results?

Hi Everyone,

I have a strange issue that the code coverage results do not display correctly. After I right click on the solution and select 'cover unit tests' it runs the unit tests successfully and displays them in the Unit Test Sessions window. It then seems to run the coverage analysis (shows the progress bar), but then in the coverage window it only displays a list of the projects in my solution (all greyed out with no option to expand or drill down to individual classes or methods), the coverage % displays only a grey bar and the covered / total statements column displays 0/0 for all projects (see screenshot attached).

I have just installed DotCover on this PC. It was working on my old PC with a previous build from a few months ago - is there any bug that would cause this issue, or is it likely that there is a setting I have missed or an error I have made?

Thanks for your help


dotCover Build

Resharper Build 5.1.1754.7

Visual Studio Version 10.0.30319.1

dotCover screenshot.jpg
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Hi again,

It turns out this problem is not a bug but was caused by an incorrect setting under the coverage filters in my solution (the module under "include" had the incorrect casing) - now that this is corrected the coverage results display correctly.


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Hi Paul,
I'm glad that you've set up the configuration correctly.
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